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William Yang
My Family in North Queensland

24 January – 1 March '20

My Family in North Queensland is a photographic series by William Yang about his own family history. He realised that it was part of the history of the Chinese in North Queensland and Australia, although he has lived in Sydney for most of his life he acknowledges a deep bond with the people and the landscapes of North Queensland. MORE

Charwei TsaI
Hear her Singing

7 February – 15 March '20

Charwei Tsai, in collaboration with Tsering Tashi Gyalthang, Hear her singing creates a presence for the women’s voices throughout the gallery space, and invites visitors to stop, listen and engage with the songs and the sounds of women singing. MORE

John Mawurndjul
I am the old and the new

7 February – 29 March '20

Born in 1952, Mawurndjul lives and works in Milmilngkan in western Arnhem Land and Maningrida in central north Arnhem Land. Since his first exhibition in 1980, he has become one of Australia’s most widely recognised artists. MORE