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Fred Williams
Weipa Series

2 March – 1 July '18

Fred Williams (1927-82) is one of Australia’s most respected and influential twentieth-century artists. He is best known for his distinctive depictions of the Australian landscape, where the horizon line is removed to create a seamless melding of the sky and land, and elements of the countryside are reduced to simple image markings on a flat plane of striated colour. MORE

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan
Project Another Country

3 March – 29 April '18

The visually stunning installation takes the viewer on an underwater voyage of discovery, where periscopes, lights and reflections bring the flotilla of tiny craft to life and inspire viewers to make their own boats during the exhibition using materials supplied by the Gallery. MORE


20 April – 17 June '18

Obsessed! Compelled to make is a rich and fascinating study of the complexities of materials, techniques and motivations that inform and shape the processes of creating. This is an experiential exhibition that encourages the visitor to think beyond the material object and consider the processes and reasons behind an object’s creation. MORE