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Patricia Piccinini
Life Clings Closest

22 August – 8 December '19

Patricia Piccinini describes her practice as ‘focused on bodies and relationships: relationships between people and other creatures, between people and bodies, between the artificial and the natural, between creatures and the environment.’ This exhibition brings together works from the last twenty years of Piccinini’s practice, as well as a new group of works inspired by the unique environment of Far North Queensland. These works celebrate the wondrous ecology of the area, but also wonders at how we can cope with the overwhelming challenges facing it. MORE

Connecting Narratives

23 August – 17 November '19

How we see and experience life in tropical Far North Queensland continues to be a source of fascination and inspiration for artists - those who live here, and those who are passing through or who have spent time working in our region. More than fifty works from the Gallery’s Permanent Collection have been selected. They connect different historical and contemporary narratives and experiences relating to landscape, people, industries and architecture in three distinct areas of Far North Queensland – the greater Cairns region, Cape York, and the Torres Strait Islands. MORE